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  • http://php-developers.eu
    PHP Developers
    PHP Developers - Symfony and Zend Developers team from Poland. Design and implementing complex web applications. Performance optimalization. NoSQL solutions like MongoDB - PHP programmer. The company operates from 4 years on the European market. We are engaged in major and complex projects. Some of our projects are based on optimization mechanism like Mem Cache, APC, Sphinx (full-text searching), dedicated cache and others. We are using Symfony framework mostly and some of Zend libraries (validation, filtering and others). Now We focuse on big web systems development like ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning). My workshop is PHP (OOP), MySQL and Symfony or Zend framework.
    Kategorie: Internet»Webdesign
  • http://www.integria.at
    Integria Wirtschaftsinformatik GmbH
    Integria Wirtschaftsinformatik GmbH - Ihr professioneller Partner im Bereich von Warenwirtschaft, Business Intelligence, Mobile Devices und Web Applications.
    Kategorie: Computer»Software
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